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The main way clients find my services is through personal recommendations from previous clients I've supported, as well as from other professionals who work with new and expecting families. It pleases me to know that so many clients as well as perinatal professionals are happy with my services. Read some of the testimonials and reviews below, and please get in touch if you’d like to submit your own.

"I wanted to thank you again for your amazing support; I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who asks."


"I am so thankful every day that I met you and you met me where I was at with my breastfeeding journey. It wouldn't have gone this far without you, seriously."


"It worked! Thank you so much! I feel that you are full of magic bodyfeeding knowledge and I am so so grateful for your help!"


"I also just want to say that I was super impressed with the amount of knowledge you were able to provide me and I appreciated that you not only helped me with breastfeeding bit also the whole picture of our feeding journey. Thank you so much!"


I wanted to thank you for the excellent experience I had during your breastfeeding workshop. I had my baby in February and breastfeeding has been going well, a totally different experience than with my first, and I think it is because I chose to educate myself more about breastfeeding by taking your workshop. Hearing the information you had to share set us up for success. Thank you!


Thank you again for coming to support us. We felt heard re: our struggles and our goals. Thank you so much again; we greatly appreciate the support and guidance.

Thank you so much Cindy! I am so glad I reached out to you when I did. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.


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