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Infant CranioSacral Therapy

A Safe, Gentle Bodywork Modality

Newborn Baby with Mom
Newborn Baby with Mom

Who Can Benefit from ICST?
Anyone who is born!

Position in utero, as well as birth itself, can cause fascial strain patterns in infants. When the fascia tightens, it can create issues with the ability to position optimally for latching and feeding, tighten the digestive tract, and cause issues such as reflux.


Tight fascia can even cause nerve compression, which is often the root cause of feeding challenges.

It's not just about 'tension'. It's about nerve function!

Image by Chiến Phạm

What Can You Expect at Your ICST Session?

Generally, you will see your baby become more relaxed, and 'unwind' - many parents notice that their baby is more calm and their body is more relaxed than they've seen them.

Oftentimes, babies feed better while being treated - yes, they can be treated during feeding times, while a parent is holding them, or in my arms.

We do whatever works best for you and your baby!

Image by Chiến Phạm

What Can ICST Help With?

Latching/Feeding issues.

Digestion issues.

Fussy baby.

Reflux/gas/frequent spitting up.

Frequent waking.

Tongue Ties and oral restrictions.

Head shape issues (plagiocephaly).

And Much More!

Questions? Reach Out

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