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The Help You Need When You Need It

As Winnipeg's longest practicing private Lactation Consultant, I have spent years striving to learn all that is needed to understand the challenges that families often face. Together, I work with the dyad to find the root of the problem and to create a solution that works for you! This is a collaborative effort in which I first listen to what the parent truly wants in their personal infant feeding journey....breast/chest/body feeding, bottle feeding, human milk or are in charge here and I just help you get to the place of having the best experience you can have while bonding with your baby.

Examples of things that I can help with (among other things):

Human Milk feeding

Formula feeding

Mixed (human milk and formula) feeding

Latch issues

Pain with feeding/damaged nipples

Latch refusal

Bottle refusal

Bottle feeding issues

Tongue and lip ties

Oral habilitation

Weight gain issues/faltering growth

Infant reflux and digestion discomfort

Over/Under supply

Recurring blocked ducts/mastitis

Inducing lactation for adopting, non-gestational or co-feeding parents

Pump flange fittings

Pump support

Return to work planning and support

Grief work surrounding infant feeding (unable to feed your child the way you wanted/planned to)

Preparing to feed your next child with your body (Prenatal Preparation Consultations)

Infant Craniosacral Therapy

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With years of experience, I incorporate a variety of different strategies from my vast education into my approach in helping parents and families.

During our session, I'll collect the information I need from you, and do a full assessment of you and baby, including baby's oral structures, listen to your concerns and discover your personal feeding goals, observe a feeding and make suggestions to improve it in the moment, and then together we map your needs to come up with a personalized program that is both effective and do-able (and even fun!). I also include very simple exercises and movements to help baby's overall comfort and ability to feed immediately, and show you how to do them.

If time permits, and parents wish, infant craniosacral therapy can be included to optimize infant feeding and digestion.

Each visit is followed up with a written care plan, including clear instructions for all oral habilitation exercises, body exercises, and feeding plan, so that tired parents don't need to remember everything we've discussed during the consultation.

Consultation fee includes two weeks of virtual follow up to make sure all questions are answered and parents feel confident in their skills and understanding.

I believe in a collaborative approach to helping families, and provide referrals to trusted providers when beneficial.



Follow up consultations to fine tune things, assess how you and baby are doing, and make further changes to optimize baby's comfort, latch, feeding and digestion.

If time permits, and parents wish, infant craniosacral therapy can be included to optimize infant feeding and digestion.

This appointment time can also be used for further questions and learning along the way (example: introducing pumping and bottles, bottle refusal, prepping for/healing from release procedures etc)

Again, a written care plan is included following each visit.



Everything you need to know during pregnancy to help you get the best possible start with feeding your baby with your body, this class contains all the information you didn't even know you need to know about those early days and weeks, as well as later on in your feeding journey.

This class is often called 'The Class I Wish I Had Known About BEFORE I Had My Baby'.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn every little thing to help you have a smoother transition to parenthood. You'll be so glad you did! It is recommended that you attend this class between 28 and 36 weeks gestation.

Small group (remote, from the comfort of your home!), or recorded options available here at Equanimity Birth and Wellness.


Have specific questions or special circumstances?

Meet with me virtually one on one to discuss your specific situation, have your questions addressed, learn about local resources in your community, and together we come up with a plan for your special circumstances.

This session is for those who want to be best prepared: parents who were unable to meet their personal feeding goals with a previous pregnancy, those with prior chest surgeries or medical situations that may impact lactation or milk production, folks inducing lactation without pregnancy

(adoption, surrogacy, same sex parents wishing to co-nurse), and those who want to be ultra-prepared.

Those who register for this service are given priority for in person support once baby arrives.

$125 (fee also includes free access to lactation class)

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