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Preparing for your Lactation Consultation

Helpful Things to Help you Prepare

Image by Chiến Phạm

Before Your Visit:

1. Complete all intake forms. They are designed to gather all relevant information that may have impact feeding, lactation, your baby, and parenting.

2. Set up a space where you are most comfortable in your home. I can work in whichever area you are most comfortable. If you prefer to be in a bedroom, please be ok with me either sitting on the bed, or have a seat for me in the room.

3. Please keep your pets contained in another area of the home. While I adore animals, it can be distracting to have pets in our space while we are practicing new things.



4. If you have other children in the home, try to have a separate carer for them so you're not too distracted.

5. You are welcome to have a partner or support person attend the visit, if you are comfortable with that.

6. Please have a sink nearby, with paper towels or a clean towel for me, as I will wash my hands frequently throughout the visit.

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